Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our new members of the family..

Hello everyone..Its been a while since my last post..I was posted to SJK(C) Pui Hwa Menumbok early last year. All my kids stayed with me and guess what? We have a new member in our family. Let me introduce you to my little girl " Joyce Dellany ".

We were so glad to have her in our life. She was so cute and we love her very much. Daddy just transferred to Labuan this week. Hopefully I can transfer to Labuan this year. Amen. This is our latest photo during Joyce's Full Moon party.

Joyce latest photo with her Koko and Che Che..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 contest

This is one of an interesting contest for all parents out there. I really like and hopefully there will be more contest like this in the future

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My second chances to be a teacher

This is my first blog since I've got KPLI's offer for intake January 2011 ( Pengajian Bahasa Inggeris - SJKC ). I still can't believe that I've got KPLI's offer at Bintangor, Sarawak. I was crying the whole night when I've got the result. Thinking of my children especially my 2 months baby, making me feel so damn sad. Today is my 7th day at IPG Kampus Rajang. Still can't believe I was far away from my family especially my kids. I have to be strong and always think positive. This is not the time for me to cry and be sad all the time.

Luckilly I can access internet here and can use Skype to chat with my family. I was so happy that I can see them everyday. Its seems like we were not that far away. My kids are just fine and I don't have to worry so much. Now, I need to prepare myself for a busy week as a KPLI student. At the same time, I have a very sporting and lovely friends here especially Sabahan. My roomate Ana was really lovely and a nice person. I'm so lucky to have her as my roomate. My other friends from Sabah is Sya, Seja, Su and Clement ( so blurr..hehe ). All of them are so young and easy going.

Hopefully I can get maid by next week so that she can help my mum taking care of my kids. Jayson is getting more active right now and my mum is not feeling well. Just wanna share Jill's latest photo and our family photo during Jill's full moon December 2010. Really miss them all.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our new family member Jill Dellaine

Once we are 3, Now we are 4. Our little twinkling star has arrived. We named her Jill Dellaine.
Born on 18 November 2010 at 8.41 am. Weight : 2.8kg, Length : 46cm.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Got Offer for KPLI June 2010

Got this offer last few weeks but unfortunately have to reject the offer with reason that I was pregnant when I got this offer. This is my big opportunity to work with government but was unable to postpond to next intake. Its ok. I'm a litte bit frust but its ok. I'll try my very best for next intake. This is what we called " Good news became bad news ".

But I have a very good news this week. I just scanned my baby last week, and quest what????The doctor ( Dr. Sarva ) said, its 90% GIRL....Wowwww....Jayson is going to have a little sister soon..I have found a suitable name for her which is almost the same with Jayson's name.

My first prince : JAYSON DILLON JIMLEH
My first princess : JILL DELAINE JIMLEH

Look at the middle name..Its almost the same right??? My husband do love this name when I suggested it to him. Haven't ask for my babies scanned photo yet. Will publish later. But during the 3D scanned, I can see that her nose was " Mancung " just like Jayson.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Like father like son..

I lov this photo very much.. Like father like son..hehe.. I think at that time, Jayson is around 5 months old. This photo was accidentally taken while I'm taking their photo during lunch time.
It will be their sweet memories when Jayson has grown up. During my 2nd pregnancy, Jayson was more on his daddy. Maybe I'm still not feeling well, so have no time to play with him. Poor Jayson. But he already know where's my baby by pointing at my stomach. That is my clever boy. Jayson new hobby at 1.7 months is kicking ball.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm sickkkkkkkkk..........

Oh Tidakkkk...hari ni I feel so damn sick and my gastric is getting worst. Oh no...morning sickness....tak boleh tahan lah.. tapi apa boleh buat. I have to motivate myself by looking at Jayson's cute photos. So that I will always remember that I'll get a 2nd baby as cute as Jayson.
So, I have to stand with all the pressure and morning sickness. Vomit..since morning to evening..
Tak tahan oooo.....

Friday, April 2, 2010

My 5th weeks pregnancy

My gastric is getting worst but luckilly I didn't feel any headache as previous. Eventhough I'm not sure my 2nd baby is a boy or girl, I've prepared a list of names just to make me happy :)

My first prince : Jayson Dillon Jimleh
My 2nd baby : xxxxx xxxxxx Jimleh

Boys name list :

1. Ivan Junior Jimleh
2. Joel Junior Jimleh
3. Joel Javier Jimleh
4. Evan Damian Jimleh
5. Evan Donovan Jimleh
6. Evan Daveen Jimleh

Girls name list :

1.Isabel Alyssa Jimleh
2.Isabel Dyllene Jimleh
3.Eva Dyllene Jimleh
4.Eva Delaine Jimleh
5.Jill Alyssa Jimleh
6.Jill Delaine Jimleh

Wanna share my latest photo with uncle Cheng during my 5th weeks pregnancy. It was his last day with procurement. Early retirement. Will miss you uncle. Wish you all the best.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Its Positive !!!!!

The result is positive. I can't believe this. We are going to have a new family member soon. And Jayson is going to have a new geng soon. Actually we have planned for a 2nd child this year before my age turn to 30. We really hope that we will get a baby gurl this time. But if its a boy, we are still happy coz Jayson will have a partner to play footbal with..hehe..

By the way, my due date would be on 30 November 2010. So happy coz its during school holidays. I'm planning to find a new doctor for our 2nd baby. No more Dk. Ramesh at Rafflesia. We are planning to go to SMC this time. Now I'm 5 weeks pregnant and didn't have any simpton of Morning Sickness yet. Maybe this time is better that last time. Hopefully!!! Pls God..I'm so phobia with MS. But my gastric pain is still there and I have to eat all the time. OK guys..see you soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jayson at 1.6 year old

Today Jayson has appointment for 1.6 year injection. I'm so nervous to go to clinic for his injection. So pity of him. But God always hear my prayers. Its like miracle coz Jayson didn't even cry a bit during the injection. He even give five with the nurse. They said naughty boy is always like that. " Big boy never cry "...Mummy so proud of you Jayson. Jayson's latest weight and height :

1. Weight : 11.5 kg
2. Height : 83cm ( quite tall )

This Photo taken during Rina's wedding at Dewan Masyarakat Sipitang. All of them is my colleagues ( excluded Jayson ).

Congrats to Rina and Azit. Wish you " Selamat Pengantin Baru " and cepat2 dpt baby..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy 29 bday mummy ( 23.02.2010 )

Its been so long since my last blog. I'm quite busy with my work and of course with my son Jayson. He grow so fast and sometimes I just can't believe that he can do so many things. He also in a process of learning to talk. We didn't make any bday party this year. We just spent our quality time together as a small family. This is one of my latest photo being 29 years old. I really need to start enjoying my sweet twentiest.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our small Family

This photos taken at KK yesterday. Just to show that we are 1 family member. This
Polo family T-shirt was bought since September but we never took any photo together.
Love this photos.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dedicated to our beloved niece Angel Silviana

Angel was born on 27 November 2009 at 11.56pm (weight : 2.45kg / length : 47cm ). As per doctor, she's having some problem coz her brain is so small. She was passed away once she was born to this world. But we believe that our dear Angel is safe in God's hand. She will always be safe with Jesus holding her just like an angel. We buried her peacefully at St. Augustine Church, Kiambor on the same day.

Our deep sympathy to my brother and my dear sister in law. And also to Angel's brother and sister whom never seen their little sister's face. We try to make both of them understand that their little sister is safe with God. That she is not feeling well and God will take good care of her. Thank God, they try to understand the situation.

Rest in peace our little Angel Silviana. Pls pray for her.

" Heavenly Father, your ways are hidden from our eyes, comfort, we pray you, the parents who grieve at the loss of their baby. Grant them grace to face the future with courage and gallantry. May they understand in faith that your love, as a Father, will not cause them a needless tear and that they will meet again in a fuller life those whose earthly body they prepared on earth. Amen. "

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Senyuman Ceria Si Comel

Wahhh...contest lagi???Ini yang seronok ni..Contest kali ni ialah " Senyuman Ceria Si Comel " Wah sesuai sangatlah contest ni untuk Jayson yang memang ceria selalu.

Cara2 penyertaan?

Jadi Follower SMILEYKIDZ dan Add SMILEYKIDZ di dalam bloglist anda
Letak banner contest ini di sidebar blog anda dengan link ke entri ini

Buat entri mengenai Online Contest ~ Senyuman Ceria Si Comel ini di dalam blog anda
Kemudian, upload gambar si comel di dalam entry tersebut dengan senyuman yang paling ceria/happy/sweet. TETAPI hanya SATU (1) gambar terbaik akan di nilai.

Jangan lupa nyatakan nama si comel dan umurnya.

Dalam entri tersebut pastikan anda mention dan link ke SMILEYKIDZ .
AMARAN: no link back will be disqualified
Bila anda dah puas hati dengan entry tu, TINGGALKAN komen dan LINK entry tersebut di dalam ruang komen entry online contest ini.

Tetapi sebelum itu..sila baca syarat2 penyertaan di bawah:
Syarat-syarat Penyertaan dan disclaimer:

Terbuka kepada semua mommies/daddies yang mempunyai anak berusia 1hari - 4 tahun.
Anda boleh upload seberapa banyak gambar senyuman si comel TETAPI hanya SATU (1) gambar terbaik akan di adili.
Dalam gambar2 tersebut, mestilah gambar INDIVIDUAL. Kalau ada 2 orang dalam gambar itu, secara automatik gambar itu tidak akan di adili.
Kalau anda ada lebih dari seorang si comel, boleh upload gambar mereka tetapi MESTILAH gambar INDIVIDU tau!!

Entry anda HANYA akan di adili oleh SMILEYKIDZ.
Keputusan peraduan ini adalah MUKTAMAD.
Penyertaan dibuka dari 15th Oct 09-31th Oct 2009, jam 11.59pm.
SMILEYKIDZ akan memula sesi penilaian pada bila2 masa.
SMILEYKIDZ akan meninggalkan komen di dalam entri anda setelah diadili.
Sebarang pertukaran gambar selepas di adili tidak akan di ambil kira

Gambar yang akan super cute and happy baby.
Name : Jayson Dillon
Age : 1 year 1 month
DOB : 22.09.2008

Check out his big and lovely smile showing off his teeths..Scroll down for more photos and you will never regret it. He is a good little model,easier for me to snap a good photo of him;

Isn't his very cute and happy boy????? He also been choosen for for Red Polo jumper.